4 Best China VPN Services for Online Privacy and Protection – Unblock Websites and Enjoy Internet Freedom

Update Regarding National Security Law
In view of potential changes to the National Security Law, many internet users wish to update their online safety and privacy software,  namely VPN software.

Therefore, in accordance with the new requirements of these users,  and based on price, server location and security features, we recommend ExpressVPN to them.

The Great Firewall of China, a subproject of Golden Shield Project introduced in the Republic of China in 2003 features security management information system.

According to this project, the Chinese authorities have the rights to censor and block data from foreign countries that are politically inconvenient.

As a result, the Chinese government has blocked several social media websites, news websites, and other similar website that they perceive as inappropriate.

But with the help of a few selected best VPNs for China, you can not only unblock these websites but also secure your online privacy safely and securely.


4 Best Chinese VPN Services in 2021

We have listed 4 of the best VPN for Chinese websites which not only lets you unblock websites that are operating in China or elsewhere, but protects you online identity.

1. ExpressVPN – The BestVPN for China

A Mainland VPN with an ultra-fast server speed that claims to be the number 1 trusted leader in VPN. Subscribing to this VPN will let you watch videos, listen to music, and do so much more with ExpressVPN.

From amongst its many features, few of them are listed below:

  • 145+ VPN locations including servers located in China
  • 30-days free trial period
  • Compatible to devices i.e. Windows, Android, Mac, Linux
  • Zero activity logs
  • 24-hours customer support
  • Referral program that lets you 30-days free service with one referred sign-up
  • Strong encryption that protects your online data
  • Only connects 5 devices simultaneously

2. NordVPN – The Reliable Chinese VPN Service

NordVPN is a powerful China VPN for accessing blocked websites as it allows you to take control of your internet browsing.

It gives you online freedom and provides secure access to social networking websites, mailing websites, Google services, and others. It further offers following features:

  • Strict policy against logs
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • 30-days free trial period
  • DNS leak protection feature that prevents you internet data leakage
  • Available in 60+ countries and has over 1371 servers across the globe
  • It makes faster and secured streaming which makes you forget buffering
  • Protects your IP address without having to change your original IP

3. Surfshark – A Reliable Chinese VPN Provider

Surfshark is another good VPN for China that offers features that are desired by Chinese users. Surfshark has an aim to promote internet freedom across the globe and provide ways to get around online censorship filters.

Additionally, it provide following features, which therefore put into consideration for one of the best VPN for Chinese Firewall:

  • Presence in 60+ countries with 800+ servers
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 30-days free trial period
  • Does not contain any logs or user’s information
  • Download torrents anonymously
  • Access censored Chinese and global websites from anywhere
  • No throttling of the connect or limiting the amount of data
  • You will have 40,000 different IP’s to choose from

4. PureVPN – A Reasonable Chinese VPN Service

PureVPN service is based in Hong Kong and has been providing solutions related to privacy and networking for over a decade.

It offers varied features including the one that its available in 140+ countries with over 750+ servers. According to this article, PureVPN is the Cheapest VPN service among its rivals in the industry.

Other major features of this Mainland China VPN service are listed below:

  • Unbreakable encryption with AES 256 bit encryption
  • DNS leak protection
  • Compatible with 20+ devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc.
  • 31-days free trial period
  • Ad Blocking
  • Virus and Malware protection
  • Allows you to connect 10 device simultaneously
  • Further allows unlimited server switching

What are Chinese VPNs & Why do you need them?

Chinese VPNs masks the IP address and hides the entire internet activity of a user, and that is achieved through a secured tunneling protocol. You are then able to access websites that are operating outside of China.

However, the question arises why you need a VPN in China? The Great Firewall of China, a legislative act enforced by Mainland China makes sure that the internet is regulated domestically.

It blocks any access to foreign websites to prevent cross-border internet traffic and forcing international websites to follow domestic regulations. Failing to do so will terminate the license of a foreign website to operate in Mainland China.

In technical terms, the most common method all that is used by China is IP Blocking where access is denied to certain IP addresses.

Internet users would then use proxies to visit the desired websites, but soon they realize proxies are also blocked in the country.

Similar to Chinese users who cannot access foreign websites, internet users outside China does not have permission to access Chinese websites. Some of these websites are listed below:

  • Youku
  • Potato
  • Sohu

So, what other options are you left with? These restrictions pertaining to The Great Firewall of China can be unblocked using a China Mainland VPN.

People living outside China are using China’s VPN server to watch Mainland’s entertainment channels, sports, and news.


Geographical Restrictions

Whenever a certain website or an online service is accessible from a particular IP address in a set geographical area, then it is said to be geo-restricted.

For example, if a Chinese website operating in China remains to be geo-restricted, it means people living outside China can never access the website. Only with a China IP address users can be allowed to access the website.

In China, it is the Golden Shield Project behind these geographical restrictions, and secretly been operating the Great Firewall of China project.

Golden Shield Project is a network security project across the Mainland that is responsible for security management information system.

Many of the top websites are geo-restricted in China, therefore preventing internet users to view those websites and watch their favorite TV shows and movies.

Chinese individuals abroad do not have access to the news channels of their own country and therefore remains uninformed.

If you want to watch the best audio and video content available in China you will need to bypass the GFW; unblock KuGou for the best and latest in Chinese and international music, or create an iQiYi account even if you are outside China and  get unlimited access to all the great content available only to mainland users.

Countries where geo-restrictions are imposed, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Germany, and many across the globe can access to these shows through an over the wall China VPN.


Unblock Youku from Outside China

Unblock the famous Chinese video website Youku outside China by following a list of steps that are easy to use.

Chinese VPN for Youku is the only solution that helps you open the Youku website by connecting your device to a Beijing or Shanghai’s server. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Get a China VPN

Step 2: Now Download the VPN app to your device or computer

Step 3: Connect to the Mainland VPN server or Mainland IP (either Beijing or Shanghai)

Step 4: Re-visit your browser, clear all the cache, and visit Youku.com

Step 5: You will be able to open the Youku website and view all the videos


Which Websites are blocked in China?

A long list of popular websites have been blocked in China because the Chinese government wants to regulate the world’s media in its own country.

These include video websites, news websites, social media websites, and so much more.

Here is a list of few websites that are blocked in Mainland:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Wikipedia

A Continental VPN lets you unblock these websites within minutes, and you are able to connect people around the world.

A Chinese VPN will never disclose your IP address since it is encrypted. You can still use the DNS leak test on Google in order to test your China VPN.


News Websites blocked in China

The Chinese government wants to impose a point of view on its people that it feels correct. Therefore, the Chinese authorities have taken precautionary measures to prevent the influence of outside media upon its people.

News websites are a perfect tool that changes the view point of people and as a result China has shielded its people from visiting global media websites. Some of the news websites that are blocked in China are listed below:

  • Guardian
  • Wall Street Journal
  • New York Times

Again, the Mainland turns over the wall with the help of a China VPN and therefore get updates from the global media about the recent events.


Social Media Platforms blocked in China

Social media websites connect people from around the world where you make new friends, get accustomed to new culture, and learn about their social life.

The Chinese government has shielded its people from using these social websites in order to promote their own social media websites.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Flickr, and more are blocked in China. As an alternative, Chinese authorities have created the exact same websites with a similar interface for its people.

The only difference is that you will not find any foreigner using the website. To unblock social media sites in China, you must use a Chinese VPN.


Online Tools and Search Engines Blocked in China

There is a long list of tools and search engines that are restricted in China and this includes Google, Shutter Stock, Dropbox, Yahoo, and others.

It is through a Chinese VPN service that you are able to unblock these websites and tools.

Online networking tool helps you manage online data and keeps it protected. There may be other similar services available in China for you to use, but there are none the likes of the above mentioned tools and search engines.


How China Blocks VPN Services

Through Golden Shield Project, the Chinese government is successful in shielding popular websites. Any website that criticizes the Chinese government and questions its policies have been banned in China.

The Great Firewall of China is amongst the main technology that shields Chinese users to access global websites.

Some of the tools and policies applied by the Chinese authorities via a Golden Shield Project has been provided below:

IP Blocking

Every country around the world have their own set of designated IP address. The Great wall shields foreign IP address to connect to its websites.

Foreigners that are living in China can only access foreign blocked websites only with a VPN in China.

A Chinese VPN service will allow them to unmask the overseas IP address without letting the Chinese authorities know about it. Hence, they can immediately access websites operating in China.

DNS Filtering & Redirection

DNS filtering is the removal of a particular domain name server from the list of your internet.

For example, whenever you open your web browser and type ‘Google’ or any other website that are blocked in China, it will return with the domain name error.

Connecting to a Chinese server using a Chinese VPN service will solve the problem.

URL Filtering

Chinese government uses URL filtering to either give permission or denying the access to internet users for a specific URL.

There is a long list of websites that have been inserted in to the Great Firewall to prevent it from opening. While having a VPN, it avoids URL filtering and gives you access to all the sites you want.

Packet Filtering

Packet filtering is the process to monitor the incoming and outgoing packets on the internet. Whenever an internet user sends internet data, the Great Firewall blocks these packets.

It is one of the finest technologies that has been implemented by the Chinese government. Chinese VPN service ensures that your packets remains unblocked.

Connection Reset

When regulatory keywords are detected by the Chinese authorities, it blocks the web page request. This process is known as Connection Reset.

It blocks connection attempts and then the activity is reported to the Chinese Network Police. A VPN surpasses all of these restrictions and the data goes unnoticed.

SSL Man in the Middle Attack

It is an SSL attack devised by the China Network Police to intercept the internet data from the user’s device. This way, the China Network Police are well-informed about people’s network activity.

However, a Chinese VPN service can secure your online activity from intruders and cyber criminals.


How to Access Facebook & YouTube in China without a mainland VPN?

Another way to access Facebook and YouTube in China is through using a proxy server. It allows internet users to access blocked websites, but it also have grave consequences.

First, proxy server will never guarantee a secured network activity. Second, it will never your IP address or the location from where you are accessing the website.

Using a proxy server can get users in to trouble when their location is identified.

The only service that lets you unblock popular websites in China without compromising on your location and IP address is the use of Chinese VPN. A VPN will ensure the following:

  • Your IP address is secure
  • Your location is secure
  • Your data is secured through encryption
  • Your network activity is hidden

The use of proxy server could be very dangerous when it comes to revealing your identity.

A Chinese VPN service does far from proving anonymity to your internet activity, but it also keeps your data hidden from cyber-attacks and cyber-criminals.

It keeps your data so much secured that nobody knows what you’re doing on the internet.


How to Unblock Websites with China VPN

An easy method to unblock China VPN is through Mainland VPN application. These applications can easily be accessed from any device i.e. Desktop PC’s, Mac, Linux, mobile device, or any other platform.

Configure the Chinese VPN to your own needs and surf the entire internet.


How to Unblock Facebook in China

In 4 basic steps, you are good to unblock Facebook from anywhere around the world. These steps are highlighted below:

In 4 basic steps, you are good to unblock Facebook from anywhere around the world. These steps are highlighted below:

Step 1: Get a Mainland VPN from the table illustrated above

Step 2: Download its application for your respective device

Step 3: Connect to a server (i.e. Singapore, Hong Kong, US, etc.) from a China VPN

Step 4: Open your web browser and open Facebook. Enjoy!


How to Unblock Google Services with China VPN

China VPN users can unblock any Google service websites i.e. Google search engine, Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Docs, and so on.

A China VPN will unblock these services without passing your IP through to the Great Firewall.

A China VPN for Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan creates a new IP so that you can surpass its restrictions.


How to Unblock Snapchat in China

Snapchat is a multimedia and instant messaging mobile application for teens that remains restricted to Chinese netizens. However, it can easily be unblocked using a China VPN. Here are the steps to unblock Snapchat in China:

Step 1: Choose a China VPN from the list above Subscribe to it

Step 2: Install a China VPN application for your device

Step 3: Select the Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Singapore’s server

Step 4: Install Snapchat application on your device and start using Snapchat.


How to Unblock Instagram in China

Picture and video sharing app Instagram was blocked in China when pre-democracy protests were carried out in Hong Kong.

All the photos and videos of the protest were shared on Instagram by those protestors, since then it has been blocked. Follow the steps below to unblock Instagram in China:

Step 1: Subscribe to a Chinese VPN service from the above table

Step 2: Download the VPN application

Step 3: Connect to a server located in Taiwan, Singapore, or Hong Kong

Step 4: Install Instagram application from the internet and enjoy sharing photos and videos.


How to Unblock Gmail in China

Gmail is a Google service that has also been blocked in China. Unblocking Gmail can be achieved through a Mainland VPN that can escape the restrictions managed by the Great Firewall.

To unblock Gmail services, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Subscribe to the Chinese VPN service (provided in the list)

Step 2: Install the app from its website on Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

Step 3: Choose a server location i.e. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, or others.

Step 4: You can either go to a web browser and visit Gmail website, or Download the Google Service Framework APK

Your internet speed may get affected when you surpass the restrictions of China’s Great Firewall. To avoid that, you must test your VPN service before purchasing it.

It is important that you do not disconnect your device using Google services in China. You can even check these free VPNs for China that also provide you with bypassing the restrictions imposed by Chinese authorities.


Chinese VPN Service – Frequently Asked Questions

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that enables you to access the internet safely and privately by routing your connection through a server and hiding your online identity.

VPN let you climb over the wall and help you reach sites without getting noticed by GFW.

A China VPN is a term that refers to a VPN that remains suitable choice for the people for China and surpasses China’s Firewall restrictions.

Chinese government has enforced a tremendous amount of restrictions to regulate online activities of its netizens. These restrictions are called by the name Great Firewall of China or the Golden Shield Project.

In doing so, any global website that the Chinese government thinks have a negative impact on its users is blocked under this regulations. Therefore, you need a Chinese VPN service that will unblock global websites and will secure your online privacy.

  1. Unblock Websites

If you are living in China and cannot access popular websites such as Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, or Twitter, you will need a Mainland VPN for unblocking.

Even if you’re living outside China and wants to unblock Chinese websites, then it also possible for a Chinese VPN service for Windows to unblock websites.

  1. Online Privacy and Data Security

After unblocking these websites, you are concerned whether my internet activity will be reported to the Chinese Network Police.

Chinese VPN also have the solution for this problem, as it will mask your IP address which will remain invisible to your ISP and as well as to the Chinese government. Hence, your online activity is secured.

Yes, a China VPN will protect your online privacy by masking your China IP, thus making your identity secured. It further encrypts your online activity with a 256-bit encryption which is the strongest encryption to-date.

Any VPN can low down your internet connection, but it is hardly noticeable. It certain circumstances it can boost your internet speed in case of your ISP throttling certain type of traffic.

Chinese VPN service offers Android application alongside supports other operating systems for various devices. It has a separate section where Chinese users can install Android apps for Chinese VPN.

Proxy servers are also used to unblock foreign websites, but the major difference that you can find between a proxy server and a Mainland VPN is online data protection. Proxy server will leak the entire online data to your Internet Service Provider which will then report to the Chinese Network Police.

It is a dangerous prospect to use proxy servers as it could reveal your precise location to the Chinese authorities. This means you will be charged for breaching the Chinese law.

The basic process to setup a Chinese VPN service remains the same. These are highlighted below:

  • Select a Chinese VPN from the table that we have offered on our website
  • Subscribe to the Chinese VPN provider
  • Download its Application
  • Connect to a server and browse the internet

Amongst our top Chinese VPN service, we listed down the 5 best providers.

These include ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN and PureVPN. Why are these considered as the best VPN for China? It is because of their strong 256-bit encryption and their availability of servers in different countries.


Wrapping Up

We expect you would like our guide on China VPN services that helps you to protect your privacy while traveling to or residing in China.

Once you have gone through our detailed guide, you can understand the consequences of the great China Firewall straightaway.

Likewise, you can comprehend the usage of VPN in China in the right direction.

Want to add something to story, feel free to share your thoughts in comments section below.