How to Access Facebook in China

Admin July 04, 2018

Facebook, the largest and most popular social media website since the demise of Orkut. Some of us can live without our Google or related sites, but none of us can live without staying connected to our social media accounts. However, the situation seems to be different in China.

Thanks to the great Firewall, using and accessing Facebook and other social media accounts is all next to impossible in China. So, how can we unblock Facebook in China? Well, Fear not. Despite of the technological prowess of Chinese censorship, there are still certain ways to get around and stay connected with Facebook in China.

The Status of Facebook “Blocked in China” is still the same. It has been blocked for last six years and the situation will remain same for a long time. Despite several controversies, Facebook’s popularity has not slowed down. People are still in search of ways to access Facebook in China.  Let’s now discuss the tricks and techniques to minimize Chinese censorship on Using Social Media accounts in China.

Methods of Accessing Facebook in China

Blocking of Facebook may not affect the local users of china, as they have other alternatives available in their country. The methods that we are going to discuss here does not require much effort, it’s quite easy to  bypass the firewall of China..

For a visitor, the most secure and easiest method of escaping the Great Firewall to unblock Facebook in China is with a VPN. Initially you can always opt for a free version available or download the paid proxies’ website for uncensored browsing.

Use a VPN to Access Facebook in China

VPN, the easiest way of encrypting your online identity for masking network so that it appears you are somewhere else. Servers are used to establish point-to-point connections, protocols or online tunnel encryption that ultimately allows the user to dodge restrictions with securely protecting your personal data.  Let us start with this, Changing the SSL can create much difference. China’s firewall cannot block SSL sites so changing or like replacing HTTP;// to HTTPS sometimes work.

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How does this VPN work?

VPN works by creating a secure encrypted tunnel between your device in China and a server anywhere in the world. The main purpose of using a VPN to access Facebook in China is not to decrease censorship bur to use Facebook with security. A VPN allows you to hide your identity. Although they are unbreakable,  but still there are some security risks attached if you opt for a free VPN service.

Choosing a free VPN service sometimes seems a better option but it involves a whole more than that. It does not end up only in downloading an unwanted software and pop-up ads during browsing, but also your identity might have been thefts from browsing data or your internet bandwidth could have been sold to third parties ultimately resulting in slower and slower browsing.  You may also find proxy, free VPNs, but they are also slow and highly unreliable.

Keeping all that in mind, it is quite worthy to choose paid VPNs. You may find some paid VPNs not working, but after plenty of research and reviews, you will be successful enough to choose the right one. The most important thing before unblocking Facebook in China is to download that VPN before you actually arrive in China. Yeas, you heard that right, Chinese has banned both iTunes and Google Play store as well .

How to use a Proxy to unblock Facebook in China?

The easiest way to access, blocked Facebook in China is to use a proxy.  The Proxy is a website located at a different location ,allowing you to access blocked sites through it. Although there are tough, Chinese cyber restrictions,  but you can still find a way to escape it. Web proxies do not need any kind of installation; they can be accessed through your normal browser.

There are certain drawbacks of using web proxies as if it can increase the number of ads and make you are browsing slow and for loading a page like Facebook it will take your whole time. Therefore, use of a proxy is an easier short-term solution, but for unblocking Facebook in China will not help you more.

Using Tor to access Facebook in China

TOR is once a fail way to bypass Chinese firewall restrictions. Although cyber crops are cracking down the use of Tor with a vengeance, but still it remains unbreakable; if the main HTTP site is blocked for user the other Tor bundle can be downloaded through HTTPS. Let’s explain you what is Tor and how does this help.

It is  a free masking network that encrypts and bounce communications across a network by using onion routing, allowing you to bypass censorships but yes with considerably slower connecting speed even worse than a VPN. Tor is ideal for users who want inexpensive ways to bypass the firewall. It does not either require a program or something else to be installed or can be run via USB as well. Make sure you use a Tor browser to access; only a Tor browser can bypass this censorship and not by using another browser like chrome, Firefox or Safari.

The Wrap up

The Great Firewall of China remains an inconvenience for those who are travelling  to China, but it does not mean either that you have to sacrifice your social media habits.  As discussed above in detail, you can always look for smartest alternative like the use of a VPN, proxy or a Tor,which ultimately allows you to break the Chinese cyber crops censorships.

Although the use of a proxy seems to be a short-term useful option for unblocking Facebook in China,  but a slow internet speed will make it hard to recommend it to the users. However, investing in a VPN is always a smarter, a reliable option to deviate in our routers and allow a restricted free, and a secure browsing experience on all our devices.