How to Unblock & Listen to KuGou Music App Outside China?

Admin May 07, 2020

Chinese music has a vast variety of albums, artists and genres to entertain the music lovers. KuGou music app has become the most popular music player app in China, which not only provides a streaming service, but also a convenient search functionality and advanced download capabilities to its users. But due to restrictions on downloading and listening to Chinese online music outside of China, KuGou music downloads are unavailable to overseas users especially Huaren. In this situation, people are looking for alternative KuGou download methods and new ways to unblock KuGou music.

People outside China will not get a chance to enjoy the fullest of the KuGou app. If you like to give the Kugou music app a try then you have a chance to do so. For this, you need to change your IP through a VPN.

As stated earlier, a VPN can help to hide your connection and your data, it links you with a virtual server where your IP address will be changed. Hence, your original IP address will be hidden and you will be allotted a Chinese IP address for a certain period.

Note: We used PureVPN Beijing server to unblock Kugou while traveling outside China

Follow these Simple Steps to Unlock Kugou App Outside China

  1. Download and Sign for a VPN Provider
  2. Sign-in to your VPN App
  3. Connect to a Chinese IP/Server from the list of servers
  4. Now download KuGou Music App on your device following the steps below
  5. Enable KuGou music downloads anywhere in the world on any device
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Many users are complaining the region restriction in the latest version on Play Store. Follow these easy steps to download KuGou music app outside of China.

Simple KuGou Download Method – How to download/ Listen KuGou music app on different platforms:

Note: If you just want to listen, the KuGou download procedure is not necessary for you. You can just stream from KuGou’s website

The KuGou app can either be downloaded or listened to on the following devices:

To download the app on different platforms you need to follow our below easy steps:


Once you are connected to a Chinese IP with a VPN, you can easily download or unblock KuGou music on your windows phone. As the app’s Windows version  supports multiple versions of this operating system, you can easily enjoy KuGou music downloads, stream it on your computer or just go to KuGou website to listen to KuGou music directly.


To download KuGou app on your android smartphone:

  1. Download a VPN and connect to a Chinese server.
  2. Then, download apk file from this link to get KuGou app on your Android.

To download Kugou app on your iOS smartphone:

  1. Download a VPN and connect to a Chinese server.
  2. Then, download first the .ipa file from this link to get KuGou app on your iOS.

KuGou mac app is also available for Mac users. Just visit Mac store and download the latest available version of KuGou mac app. 

To download KuGou mac app outside China:

  1. Download a VPN and connect to a Chinese server.
  2.  Then, download KuGou Mac from this link. Follow the steps and start to enjoy KuGou App on your Mac

Important Considerations Before Following the KuGou Download Procedure Outside of China

Below are some important pointers to follow while using the KuGou music app through a VPN.

  1. Checking VPN’s security is highly important; to securely unblock KuGou music downloads, the VPN should have a proper 256-bit encryption.
  2. Not all VPNs are good enough to secure your data. While using a VPN, make sure your online data is not being exposed to agencies or ISPs. In any event of suspicious data leak use a kill switch which ultimately stops your connection, hence preventing your data leak in some manner.
  3. There are many free VPNs available, they might sound appealing to you, but they are not as protective as a paid VPN. Therefore, it is better to stick with a paid VPN.
  4. Before connecting to the VPN, do clear out your device cache and location information from the browser, as unclear cache will not give you a clear IP address. To unblock KuGou music app properly removing the cache information is necessary.  
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How Changing DNS IP address helps to unblock Kugou music?

Changing DNS IP is also one of the easiest solutions to KuGou download issues and accessing KuGou music outside of China. For this you need to go to your online protocol setup on your PC, change given DNS settings to an alternate server or any preferred one. In case you are accessing KuGou app make sure you select China as your server location.

Through this, you can get any kind of IP address, but still you are at a risk of data theft. Changing the DNS IP will not provide you with a Firewall protection. Therefore, we strongly recommend VPN to unblock KuGou music.

A Few tips on creating account on Kugou app

To create an account on KuGou music, you have to get yourself registered on the KuGou app.

Now visit this link to enter information like username, password, and captcha details. If you face translation issue, please use Google translate extension. You can get yourself registered in 3 ways;

  1. Through Email
  2. Using a Phone number
  3. Username

Concluding how to unblock KuGou app Outside Of China

KuGou Music is a Chinese music streaming app to listen and download music in China. Due to copyright and some geo- restrictions,the usual KuGou download methods do not work outside of China. In other words, you cannot access the app without having a Chinese IP address. The problem arises when some overseas living Chinese find it difficult to listen KuGou music app outside of China. In this article we have discussed a secure method of solving the KuGou download issues outside China, accessing the kugou app, important considerations while downloading the  app and how you can listen to your KuGou music downloads through a VPN.

We hope that you find above information quite handy in your search towards unblocking KuGou outside China.

Keep your questions and comments rolling in.