How to Unblock US Netflix in China and Watch Media Content

Admin July 15, 2018

This article is for those who are wondering how to unblock Netflix in China. For those we have some news. Well, While Netflix is actively working to keep us away from streaming shows in China there are some right tools available to conquer their efforts.

Now let us imagine, your favorite Netflix show has another season and you have got a work trip to China, as watching Netflix in China is almost impossible because of the geo-restriction policies. Do not lose hope; we have some creative methods of Using VPN and smart DNS that will surely help to evade US Netflix geo-restrictions in China.

Working with Netflix VPN for China

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You do not need to be a tech savvy to use VPN for Netflix China. It is rather a simple way to fool Netflix or Pandora, Hulu. For example, you can be sitting at your home in China, but when you are connected to VPN, so if anybody tracks your location they will think you are in Los Angeles or maybe New York. Through this you can actually mask your location and it is rather a reason why people spend money on Netflix VPN for China.

If you are still not convinced that spending, a little extra on a VPN is worth, then let us consider a usually occurring case that might happen to you also. As China is popular for pirated movies, downloaded free on the internet. Some of you must have used torrent websites for the same, what if your computer was hit with a malicious virus.  

We understand that yes ”free” sounds great, but consider that it takes hours to download a movie not even with good quality ,so it’s just not worth to take a risk of a virus.


Why Netflix does have geo restrictions in China?

It all matters to money and licensing agreements. As Netflix always aims to builds partnerships with content producers to make sure that you always get your favorite Netflix shows. These agreements not only protect the Netflix Content but the producer also; this allows the producer a royalty arrangement of earning a little percentage of earnings.

The Netflix content library does not seem same in each country and so as those licensing agreements. However, China comes in a different category. Netflix rather tries to enter into the Chinese market by negotiating with a Chinese company, but it all went in vain, as licensing agreements have not been in place to allow Netflix in China.


Steps to Unblock Netflix in China

While Netflix is spending so much of money to license their content, it is not a surprise that they may take hard steps against the use of VPN to unblock Netflix in China. They are continuously cracking down VPNs, proxies and other unblocking tools that can unblock or access US Netflix. In this part of the article we will show you some easy steps to Netflix VPN for China.

Step 1: Research to get a Reputable VPN

There are so many of VPNs and smart DNS available that claim to be #1, but not every one of them turns out the best or can access Chinese market. As, Netflix is clamping down on VPNs that are coming in their system that’s why many of the Netflix China VPNs are caving in.

Step 2: Change your system and server settings

Limiting your work to one VPN can be a bit risky, so try a few VPN services to check the one which suits and works best with your work and location because in China some locations react differently to VPN’s. Check the one with faster, more secure, less protocols and PPTP. Still seeing a proxy error ,then do not despair, just look at the following checklist;

  1. Check and connect to 3 or more servers with the same VPN, if that does not work too then,
  2. Switch to a different VPN with different server locations.
  3. You can also switch to a different VPN connection protocol by going into the software settings.

Step 3: Be Flexible while using your Netflix VPN for China

It is quite possible that you might get an error message while streaming your favorite Netflix show. In some cases how to unblock Netflix in China works differently, so you need to reset the connection and continue streaming or you can also switch to other servers or another VPN service. In either of the above stated ways, your absolute patience is highly important.

How Smart DNS works to Unblock Netflix in China

Smart DNS is another viable solution, not a preferred one for most of the people, but yet it can be used to watch Netflix streaming in China. A VPN, which works mainly for securing and encrypting user data through bypassing geo-restrictions while a Smart DNS is useful to overcome region blocking.

As there are no encryption and security involved while using a Smart DNS so it comes out to be a little safer solution to watch Netflix China shows. The only problem with this is Smart DNS cannot help you to access Facebook, YouTube, Gmail or any other blocked site in China.

Final thoughts

Some users spend an unbelievable amount on pirated DVDs to watch Netflix China shows even with not that of good quality. Reinvesting into a Netflix VPN for China will definitely turn out the table. To unblock Netflix in China, you do not need a big budget. By selecting a useful VPN service you can watch hundreds of your Netflix shows. So, if you are interested to access or unblock US Netflix in China remotely then a Netflix VPN is a must have.