How to Unblock Spotify and Pandora in China

Admin July 16, 2018

Millions of people from all around the world use music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. The service allows you to listen, follow, and create a perfect collection of tracks. However, if you are located in China, or have come to a trip, then you cannot access any of the streaming services; this is mainly because of the strong internet censorship or the Great Firewall of China. This article will cover every aspect on how to unblock Spotify in China.

Why either Spotify or Pandora cannot be accessed in China?

Due to the great Firewall (a strong internet censorship) many foreign websites including Spotify and Pandora are blocked in China. This is because any negative content that might seem dangerous for China and its government should not be published. So, how can one unblock Spotify?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that the data coming from foreign websites and social media like Face Book, Netflix, Hulu etc are blocked by the Great firewall of China. Hence, the best way to unblock  Pandora in China is to use a VPN server. The VPN service is created to unblock all those restricted content moreover, it also protects your data from your device and server so, a good VPN service offers strong encryption and privacy for your all-personal data.

What is the best possible way to access streaming services?

Ways to unblock Spotify  & Pandora in China

The best possible way to access Spotify in China is through a reliable and strong VPN. VPN services are created over the public internet connection for a strong and encrypted network so that users can hide their current location or IP address over the world wide web. A good VPN can bypass strongest internet censorship successfully.

In addition to that, it also enables users to geo-spool their location so that the services, which are unfairly denied to your location, can be easily accessed. Here are some easy steps to unblock Pandora in China.

  1. Download a VPN protocol and install it

There are numerous VPN service providers available in the market. For the best possible outcome, a user can choose between the possible options of the VPN. Once you select and establish your selected VPN link, you can download it further. If, for example, the provided link is not, accessible or not functioning, you can also download it from any of the torrent websites.

  1. Run the VPN and choose a country

Once you have downloaded the VPN program, it invites you to run and choose a country of your choice. To unblock Spotify in China, you need to select a country, which is not blocked.

Another good reason for choosing a VPN is that it secures your data and privacy. The Chinese government and ISPs are severely behind all those foreign sites so, if you value your privacy buying a VPN service is necessary to secure your online traffic. And to unblock Spotify, you can achieve these goals with one handy tool that is buying a right paid VPN.

With a right choice of VPN you can unblock Pandora in China even away from US without facing regional restrictions and limitations.

How a good VPN helps to unblock Pandora in China

To access Pandora music in China and keeping away from Great Firewall, we suggest you to choose wisely a VPN that supports either IOs or Android system.  Searching for a VPN service will let you explore more about VPNs and tunnel encryption applications to unblock Spotify or Pandora.

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount More Info
  1.  $10.95 
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    • Zero logs policy
    • 80,000+ IP and 500+ servers in 140+ countries
    • More than 5 landings
    • 7-day cash back guarantee
    • 24/7 live chat support
    • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocol
    • Available for desktop & mobile
    • Up to 256-bit encryption
    • Standalone for Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Android
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  2.  $12.95 
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    • 136+ VPN servers in 87 countries
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    • 24/7 live chat support
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  3.  $11.95 
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    • 726 servers in 57 countries
    • 6 servers in Hong Kong
    • 1 server in Taiwan
    • 1 server in Vietnam
    • Compatible with multiple devices and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and more)
    • Double data encryption
    • DNS leak resolver
    • Perfect value-added features include encrypted chat, secret notes, and web proxy extensions
    • Support for 6 devices at the same time
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Well, A VPN tunnel helps the user to browse anonymously with the unlimited bandwidth feature. Here are some features of a VPN tunnel;

  1. A good VPN tunnel will give you a 100% money back guarantee
  2. Round the clock customer assistance to help answer your queries.
  3. A good VPN will have not only good speed, but fast browsing also.
  4. The moment you start your VPN, it will give you your own IP as per the selected server location.

Make sure you do not opt for free VPNs as they will not work on high censorship sites and which are regionally blocked like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix.  We also do not recommend a free VPN to test it on your mobile devices to unblock Spotify or others. Free VPNs may have drawback like;

  1. They are deadly slow
  2. They have little or no servers located at your preferred location
  3. Never recommended for private and secure browsing as free VPN keeps your data log.
  4. Not even safe for torrent downloads


Selecting a right VPN to unblock Spotify in China

The most important feature while choosing a VPN to unblock Spotify or Pandora in China is its ability to show you in the right location. Some VPNs are not that much better that they are easily detectable by the Firewall of China. So, always try to get one with more servers in the specified location and around the world, the larger the network of servers the more safe will be to access restricted content.


Streaming services like Spotify and Pandora offers a great music experience with an incredible number of audiences from all over the world and especially from China but unfortunately the service is available for US residents only.

A Smart VPN enables you to unblock Spotify in China. However, the service is restricted due to Great Firewall but a VPN masks your location and connects your location to the specified server; dodging the Firewall that you are in the US.